Image ID: "WRITE EARTH" arranged vertically in dark green letters made of crescents. A small silver moon-like point hovers near the center of the frame, where 4 periwinkle-lavender-violet burst out in diagonals. The background is a washed-out gray-green woodland photo collage, and some dark green hand-written scribbles complicate the lower part of the frame, where event details are listed. Saturday August 21, 2-5PM (see shop link for full info).




What different ways can we listen to the Earth? How do plants make me feel (in my body)? How does my body interact with the Earth?

Join Warman School + GOODWITCH for a collective practice of writing and essence making at the GOODWITCH farm/workshop. We'll do generative writing activities, discuss nature poems, and spend time communicating with garden + field + forest organisms. We'll explore plant medicine + ritual as poetry, and Remy of GOODWITCH will teach us how to make and combine essences to take home at the end of the course. All supplies, including a printed reading packet + essence-making field kit, are included in tuition. Communicate with the Earth and each other. :~)